The Clarifeye digital eye exam is located at the Oceanside location.


LensCrafters offers the latest and greatest in eye technology. Clarifye is the new digital eye exam from LensCrafters that lets your doctor gather five times more information about your vision. It is the New Digital Eye Exam.

When coming to your eyes, precision is of the utmost importance. The Clarifye digital eye exam is so precise, your doctor receives a digital fingerprint of your eye. This allows for the most accurate and up to date prescription and evaluation of your vision needs.


The Optomap is located at the Oceanside location.


Often times we take our vision for granted. It’s not until our sight diminishes then we finally take action. Many eye diseases develop without symptoms. Here at LensCrafters it’s all about preventative eye care. We take the necessary steps to detect these diseases early, and with appropriate treatment these and other conditions may be corrected or minimized, and the severity of potential vision loss will be reduced.

We use the latest in retinal imaging technology to give our patients a full comprehensive eye exam. No dilation is necessary when taking photos. The Optomap is a revolutionary imaging device that allows our doctors to view a wide field image of a patient’s retina. The image is then saved, and compared to other images taken on a yearly basis. This allows detection of even the most subtle changes to a patients retina. This is the key to finding, diagnosing, and treating diseases in their early symptomless stages.

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