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Contact Lenses

At Oceanside Family Optometry, our optometrists will provide you with contact lenses to best suit your eye health and lifestyle. Whether you are nearsighted, farsighted, have astigmatism or have trouble reading, we strive to provide the best in contact lens fit and performance. We offer disposables of all types, extended wear lenses, bifocal, tinted and many other specialty lenses depending on your needs. Our doctors offer the highest standards of contact lens care and the latest in contact lens design and technology. It is our goal to provide patients with excellent contact lens vision and comfort.

Health & Comfort

If you suffer from dry eyes we can assess the best contact lens match for you. Not every contact lens is the same–there are some that provide more moisture than others. In addition, there are contact lenses that offer higher oxygen permeability, which translates into better eye health. Our doctors will work with you to find the healthiest and most comfortable lens for your eyes.

Your eye health is our focus and our responsibility. Our doctors believe strongly that contact lenses with higher oxygen permeability will help to prevent infection and corneal issues. We are constantly researching the latest technology in contacts lenses in order to provide you with not only the best vision but also the best overall eye health.

High Prescriptions

If you have a high prescription or high astigmatism, we use the latest in diagnostic technology to provide you with the best vision possible with contact lenses.

Cosmetic Lenses

If you desire cosmetic color contacts, we offer a wide variety of colors and choices for all your aesthetic desires.

Multifocal Lenses

For patients who want to reduce dependence on reading glasses we offer a variety of multifocal contact lenses that provide near vision as well as distance at the same time. At times it is best to provide you with a monovision option (whereby the focus is set for one eye biased at distance and the other biased near).

Mixed Use Lenses

If you require vision correction for specific tasks and hobbies like playing sports, or only use contact lenses occasionally, we offer contact lenses that will meet your needs.

Specialty Fits

For patients with irregular corneas or for those who suffer from eye disorders such as keratoconus, we will work with you to create a custom fitted contact lens prescription to provide you the best vision.

The Latest In Contact Lens Technology & Care

We offer all types of contact lenses so that our doctors can prescribe the best fit for your eyes and your lifestyle. If you would like the convenience and cleanliness of daily disposable lenses, or if you have allergies made worse by traditional lenses, or would like options for extended wear, our doctors will provide you with the best solution.

We have the latest contact lenses from manufactures, such as Vistakon, Cooper Vision, Bausch & Lomb, CIBA Vision and many others.

Contact lens technology and options are constantly changing and our optometrists can help navigate you towards the best contact lens care for you.

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Conveniently located inside Lenscrafters, Oceanside
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